Sticky Baby: The emerging label capturing the emotions of young females today

BY SARA RADIN Stickybaby is a new fashion line with embroidered slogans for females who like to wear their emotions on their sleeves. WGSN reports

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As part of our latest Think Tank report on the young female art movement, Tumblr Feminism (subscribers can check it out in full here), our Associate Editor Sara Radin sat down with Amanda Litzinger, founder and designer of emerging label Sticky Baby, to talk about her clothing line, youth-related slogans and having all the feelings.

How did you get into making clothes?

I started making my clothes when I was a kid. I was cutting up anything from pillowcases to my mom’s old clothes and she was very supportive of this. I would describe to her in detail the outfit I was imagining in my mind and she would pull out scissors and help me make it. She taught me to sew. She was a ballerina, which requires kind of an intense combination of discipline and creativity and I think to be a designer is the same way.

I have always wanted to be a designer. In high school I had a hand-made hair bow line named Meet Your New Beau. I advertised them online and sold them at school.  My dad gave me tons of books on business and also books about technical fashion design. I created the Etsy shop called Stickybaby in the summer 2012.

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Where did the name “Stickybaby” come from? How did the brand come about?

I decided on the name Stickybaby one summer living in Michigan. My boyfriend at the time was going through a hellish trademark issue with his skateboarding company The High Five and I was hyper-aware of my brand name being unique. Michigan in the summer is terribly hot and you always feel wet. I overheard his dad remark how sticky this weather is and that just struck me.

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What inspires you to create the pieces in your line? Do you think the text you use captures the current female sentiment?

All along the building of my brand has been based on little comments that I’ve overheard or signs that stick with me. There’s a big element of chance to it and I think that’s an important part of its authenticity. As for the popular phrase jackets these must come to me by incident or else, I don’t know, it wouldn’t be as funny or interesting. So I do get blocks if nothing funny or interesting is happening, though interestingly reading a book can be very helpful and inspiring for me. If my pieces reflect the current female sentiment that is because their creation totally depends on how I’m feeling. I would rather not admit it but I believe I am taking the emotional approach to garment making. If I write it out then spend hours, or even days labouring the idea into a garment I do feel relieved afterward, ha ha.  I’m not really the kind of person who can easily relax.

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Where can we find your products?

You can find Stickybaby online at, Nylon Shop ( in Brooklyn at Alt Space Brooklyn, in Manhattan at La Petite Mort 37 orchard Street NYC


Fonte: WGSN Insider


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