New York’s Panorama Festival was the perfect mash up of art, tech and music


The inaugural year of this festival was a hit, getting the synergy between art, good music, and interactive tech experiences just right. WGSN’s Daniel Head reports

Captura de tela 2016-08-08 às 6.01.38 PM

Art and Technology; they are two words that many music festivals boast about in their promotional taglines, but in reality they fall flat on delivery. Finally though, it looks like one festival finally got the synergy between these two experiences just right. The video team and I went to the inaugural Panorama Festival, which took over NYC last weekend, and on arrival it felt like we were actually experiencing something genuinely refreshing, and completely different ( in a good way!)

The Lab, a pop-up dome constructed within Panorama music festival, seamlessly fused music, art and technology– just like they promised. Presented by The Verge and powered by HP, The Lab offered multiple experiences created and curated by local NYC artists.Captura de tela 2016-08-08 às 6.03.10 PM

One of our favourites is what I’m calling the Cloth Cocoon Swings. These cosy little swings nearly enclosed you in illuminated electric pastels and hung within a fort type structure that would make the little kid inside of you squeal. As you swung every which way the music around you changed and merged with the others swings creating a hypnotising melody. So freaking cool.

Panorama, a festival brought to you by the veterans who produce Coachella, set a high bar for future festivals taking place on Randall’s Island and globally.

Check out clips from The Lab and our full video report here:

Fonte: WGSN Insider


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